The Amsterdam trip for thinkers

22nd-25th June

We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.

Explore a city and challenge your views

Thinkdam is the only student Amsterdam trip that exclusively brings together thinkers.

Debate teams alongside philosophers, conservatives alongside socialists.

I think, therefore I am(sterdam)

As part of Thinkdam we run a series of small events all over the city, and in a variety of locations. Discuss moral philosophy in a coffeeshop, debate the death penalty in a coffee shop (coffeeshop and coffee shop are different, trust us), or discuss the benefits of capitalism in a Brown Cafe (the Dutch traditional pub).

All the events are included in your ticket, so you can choose as many of the events you are interested in.

Karl Marx or Adam Smith?

As the home of huge businesses but also one of the strongest safety nets in Europe, Amsterdam might be a utopian middle ground for the more politically motivated. Or maybe you disagree... We're running small discussion events so you can solve politics once and for all.

All events are included in your ticket. Feel free to join and watch, or to debate.

The best opportunity to meet new people

Thinkdam brings you together with the brightest minds, and presents the most interesting thoughts. You will have opportunities to meet new people on our executive coaches, at our awesome hostel, or on one of our many events.

Explore Amsterdam

Holland’s capital is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and for good reason! Visit the world class museums, cruise along the UNESCO world heritage canals and even visit the city’s famous red-light district! Join us on a legendary bar crawl through Amsterdam, where we’ll take you to the best bars and clubs in the city!

Executive coach transfers
City Centre hostel with free breakfast
Thinkdam debate event
Thinkdam discussion event
Thinkdam bar crawl
Expert reps to guide your trip

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We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.


After arriving at your university’s pick-up point, you can kick back and relax on one of our super comfy coaches. We’ll be leaving London at 10pm and head down to Dover.


Arrive in Amsterdam city centre in the morning and drop off your bags in the hostel. You’ll have the morning to grab some breakfast look around Amsterdam, and we’ll show you the best places to go and see. In the afternoon join us in a lively discussion event at one of Amsterdams famous 'Coffee Shops'. We’ll be facilitating the discussion event and will be sending out planned topics before the trip, it’s a great chance to get to know other debating and philosophy societies. In the evening you'll have more free time to explore Amsterdam by night, check out local restaurants, bars and other evening attractions before coming back to the Hans Brinker hostel in the city centre.


Enjoy a free breakfast at the hostel, you’ll have the morning to yourselves, we recommend visiting some of Amsterdams world class museums and galleries. Join us for a debate event in the afternoon, we’ll be sending out the topics before the trip to give you time to prepare, so bring your A game! In the evening you can join us for a legendary bar crawl around some of Amsterdams best bars and clubs, this is not one to miss!


Enjoy a free recovery breakfast at the hostel in the morning, then you’ll have some more time to squeeze in the attractions that Amsterdam has to offer. Head back to the hostel and grab your bags early afternoon and we’ll head back to the coach ready to go back to London. You'll arrive in London around 10pm



Thinkdam will be taking over the Hans Brinker, which famously sells itself as the world's worst hostel! (We can assure you it’s not). Its right in the city center so you don’t have to worry about transport anywhere! We are sure you will enjoy the comfy beds, cheap pints and underground club in the hostel, it has a super friendly environment and is great for meeting new people.

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Secure your place with
a £40 deposit

We are not taking any more bookings for this trip.